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20 years of experience in the production and sales of medical care products for Maternity & Neonatal. In-depth cooperation with more than 2,000 obstetric hospitals.


It has a GMP-certified clean production workshop, ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, and a microbiological inspection room.


The R&D department has 13 patent designs.


Our company has obtained ISO9001&ISO13485 system certification. Have CE certification and CFS and other export qualifications

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The cooperation is very pleasant. Fei is a very professional business expert. He helped me through the tough early stages of a small business.
Amanda Cindy
CEO & Founder Crix
We have a very pleasant cooperation. Fei turned all my ideas into products. Just tell Fei what you think. I will continue to work with Fei and introduce Fei to my friends.
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I like to shop for products that Fei recommends. Most of the products are in stock and can be delivered to my store quickly after payment. Now let Fei recommend products every month.
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