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What is Maternity Pad

Specially Designed Products For Postpartum Women.

[Patented design]

Patented design makes it easier to put on and take off, does not touch the wound, and reduces pain.

[High-quality raw materials]

North American softwood native fluff pulp without impurities. Reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

[Stronger water absorption performance]

The macromolecule material absorbs about 30 times the weight of the mat itself. (about 800ml). No reverse osmosis, equipped with a breathable bottom PE film, no water leakage. Keep your genitals dry and comfortable without worrying about lochia

[Safer product]

It has GMP clean environment production workshop and has automatic ethylene oxide sterilization equipment. Independent hygienic packaging, the product has no migratable fluorescent agent. Safer to use