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Underpads For Postpartum Women Patients Elderly

Why not start a business that focuses on creating innovative underpad features?
You can develop underpads specifically designed for babies, adults, and even pets to keep beds clean and hygienic. With your expertise in bed underpads, you can incorporate special features like waterproof materials, odor control, and absorbency technology to provide customers with the best possible product. Market these underpads as a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness and comfort in any household setting.
Your skills in this area will help you stand out from competitors and cater to a wide range of customers’ needs.

Here is some detail about underpads.

●Underpads suitable for multiple people
*Women’s menstrual period
*Puerpera’s prenatal and postpartum
*Baby’s changing pad
*The elder’s incontinence care

60x90cm big size don’t be afraid of turning over, sleep without worry.
●skin friendly and soft
●Diamond embossed setting, fast diversion without reverse osmosis, water
permeable and breathable, keep dry and comfortable, and the skin does not feel
stuffy and sticky in summer.

●SAP absorbs water in seconds, up to 800ml of water absorption, leaving the skin drier
●No fluorescence, use safely
●Ethylene oxide disinfection, safer to use
●PE film, waterproof and impermeable, make the skin comfortable and dry, not stuffy