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how many sizes of Underpad for pets

Normal how many sizes for pet Underpad?

  • Small – Appropriate for small dogs and cats. Usually measures around 18×24 inches.
  • Medium – Fits well for medium sized dogs. Around 24×36 inches.
  • Large – Suited for large dogs. Around 30×40 inches.
  • Extra Large – Ideal for very large and giant breed dogs. May measure 36×48 inches or larger.
  • Jumbo – The largest size, suitable for multiple pets or incontinent large dogs. Can be 48×60 inches or greater.
  • Puppy Training Pads – Slightly smaller than regular pads, around 20×23 inches. Useful for house training.
  • Odd Sized – Sometimes sold in packs with assorted shapes and sizes to accommodate different pets.

Most brands offer 3-5 standard sizes from small to extra large/jumbo. Some variety packs include puppy pads too. Measuring your pet’s space needs can help choose the right size. Smaller pads are best for indoor confinement, while larger jumbo pads work outdoors or for overnight use.

Full size Underpad
Full-size Underpad