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What is Maternity pads?

Maternity pads, also known as postpartum pads or maternity sanitary pads, are specifically designed for women to use after childbirth. These pads are larger, thicker, and more absorbent than regular sanitary pads to provide comfort and protection during the postpartum period.

Maternity pad XL
Maternity pad XL

Maternity pads are typically made from soft and breathable materials to promote healing and prevent irritation in sensitive areas after childbirth. They often have a contoured shape to fit the body comfortably and provide maximum coverage. Some maternity pads also come with adhesive strips to secure them in place within regular underwear or specially designed postpartum underwear.

The primary purpose of maternity pads is to manage postpartum bleeding, which can be heavy in the first few weeks after giving birth. The pads are designed to absorb and contain the lochia, which is a mixture of blood, mucus, and uterine tissue that is discharged from the vagina after childbirth.

It’s important to note that maternity pads should not be confused with regular menstrual pads. Regular pads may not provide sufficient absorbency and coverage needed during the postpartum period. It is advisable to use maternity pads specifically designed for this purpose to ensure comfort and hygiene.

Additionally, it’s recommended to change maternity pads frequently, especially during the initial days when postpartum bleeding is heaviest. This helps maintain cleanliness, prevent infection, and promote healing. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional for specific recommendations on postpartum care, including the use of maternity pads.

postpartum underpad
Postpartum Underpad

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